Fighting For Frequency

Just Pure Rock.

Hey y’all, we’re Fighting for Frequency and we need your help. Growing up in New Orleans, we know what loss from a hurricane feels like. Seeing what our fellow Americans are going through in the neighboring states and islands in the Gulf is absolutely heartbreaking. No one should have to go through this alone.

In the wake of the recent storms, we wanted to help the only way we knew how—with music. This song was written after Hurricane Katrina. It’s a song about being resilient and getting up after being knocked down. So we dedicate this song, “Still Standing,” to all those struggling to get back up.

Whether you’re going through small personal tragedies or big natural disasters, maybe this will become your anthem and remind you not to give up and to stand strong.

By donating and downloading “Still Standing” from this site, you’ll help us support those affected by the storms. Half of the proceeds will go to the charity Global Giving to aid those in need.

Join the fight! Fight for Frequency. Fight for Family. Fight for the Future. Download the song now and help us support those in need.

Together, we will not fall.

Help those still standing at or follow this link Fight for the Future